These photos are based off instrumentals by Mogwai and lyrics by Machineheart. They mean a lot to me, and I’m so thankful for the gift of being able to turn a feeling into a photo. I hope something stirs up inside of you as you look through this set.

Thank you, Kalle, for being the perfect model for this concept.


Late to posting this set of images. Below are some of my favorite photographs from my shoot with Danielle. It was cold and windy that day, but set such a mood for this shoot. 

Plant Lights / Broken Window / Emergency Blanket

Whenever I shoot with Roxy and Zach, we always bounce ideas off each other and get super creative. This time around, we used Zach's plant lights to give us pink and blue hues, a broken window, and an emergency blanket for light reflections. I love how colorful these images turned out.

It's always such a joy getting to work with them both! Below are my favorite shots.


" Some days I feel everything
Others are numbing
Can never find the in between

It's all or nothing

Never wanted to be here now
One foot in the grave, other on the ground
I can't process what I'm feeling now
This skin I can do without

Half my bones in the city streets
The other in my sheets
And I don't think they'll ever get
The chance to meet "



Anxiety/depression/grief can have this effect on you where it feels like you are only half alive. For me, I spend a lot of my time wanting to achieve things, but the other half of my brain screams "no" so loudly that I'm constantly at war with myself. It feels like many things. Somedays it's a rope tied around you being pulled in two opposite directions. Other days it's like you are separated from yourself, you have this film over your body and it's numbing.  I don't share my heart or words online very often, but for this shoot, I wanted to explain the WHY behind it. 

Taking your emotions out on something that you can build from has always been a therapy for me. For some it's writing in a journal, writing songs, painting, or anything you can create. It helps tremendously to get those ideas out of your head and into the world. Whether your audience understands the end goal or not, it doesn't matter. Create the art that you FEEL swelling up inside of you. I make this type of art to help me, and others so that they may feel something stir in their heart and be inspired. 


The lyrics at the top of this page are from the song Half by Pvris ( https://youtu.be/lE67nYqzlNQ ). This shoot was based off those lyrics, as well as many emotions that I have kept pent up inside of me over the past several months. I've learned that dealing with grief is a very long, slow process and I'm not sure if it ever really stops. It's something you have to talk to someone about or else the heavy heart just gets worse. It's okay to scream and cry, but at some point, you have to pick yourself up in order to face another day even though it's not easy. 

The one thing that has helped me cope with grief has been this: continuing to do photography no matter how bad I want to stop some days. July of 2017 was brutal and I thought then that maybe I should stop taking pictures. But that's not what my cousin Sebastian would have wanted. He would still want me to create because we understood each other so well. He understood my art and that meant, and STILL means everything to me. We GOT each other. Sebastian was the coolest/best friend/cousin ever and I want the world to know that. So anytime I feel like quitting, I remember that Sebastian would never want me to stop. 


I hope that this shoot, in particular, stirs up emotions in your heart.




The other night I tried out my studio set up for the first time. I am ecstatic that drawings from my notes on my iPhone are now real. It's one of the best feelings. Having something in your head and being able to execute it in real life with actual colors and people.

 We also experimented with a more cinematic style for a Stranger Things based set of images. 

Thank you, Roxy, for being a great model.

Today We Rebel

 KB and Trip Lee brought so much energy to the crowd, making the Hometeam tour a show for the books. It was a wonderful experience being able to worship with fellow believers while having the time of our lives. TODAY WE REBEL.

Judah & the Lion

I am working on becoming better at blogging. Over the next few weeks I will be posting sets of some newer work from shows, as well as portrait sessions. Below are some of my favorite images from Judah & the Lion in Louisville. If you ever get the chance, be sure to check these guys out. They bring a high energy set full of what they love to call "booty-poppin' banjo music".

All We Know of Heaven...

As some of you might know, the band Pvris recently released their new album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. This album and the artistry is darker, and so inspiring. As I listened to the album fully for the first time, I knew that I had to take those lyrics and create. My friend Anthony and I decided to base a shoot off that album. This was our third collaboration together, and it's probably my favorite. Below are images from our shoot.

Anthony -  www.trvn.org  , @v.trvn